The Beginning

IBC was established in May 1997. Its inaugural ceremony took place in the presence of Israeli Ambassador Moshe Raviv. The IBC originally came about to fulfill the need in the Israeli community for an organisation to represent its interests and activities.

IBC was founded by Amnon Leon, who was the club's Chairman for 14 years. Malka Leon, who managed the club's office,
Anat Koren, Gordon Housman, Giora Giladi and Liora Torn-Hibler were other founding members.

The first time the club members met was when representatives from "Dor Shalom", Yuval Rabin and Tal Zilbershtein came to London to meet the Israeli community. 60 people attended this meeting. Since then, IBC has had the pleasure of hosting distinguished speakers such as PM Binyamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, Prof. Amnon Rubinstien, Prof. Uzi Arad, Prof. Shlomo Avineri, the journalists Smadar Perri and Ayala Hasson, and many more experts from different fields.

Throughout the years, IBC has organised and participated in several activities to support the state of Israel. In 2002, IBC organised a petition against the BBC coverage of the Israel Defence Forces in Gaza during Operation Defensive Shield. 7,500 people signed the petition. In 2008, IBC played an important part in organising a supporting rally for Israel during Operation Cast Lead. IBC had a group of 100 members that walked through Central London with Israeli flags.

In addition, IBC supports Israeli charities and organisations that ask for help. Charities go through an approval process before receiving IBC support.



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