About Us

 The Israeli Business Club - London (IBC) was established in 1997. Our members consist mostly of businessmen and businesswomen who live in the UK and Israel.


IBC members work in public and private companies and represent a variety of business sectors: finance, entrepreneurship, technology, real-estate, communications, law, industry, art, philanthropy and more.

The IBC holds various events, hosting experts from a wide range of backgrounds to share, engage and discuss numerous topics in the fields of business & economy, politics & current affairs, arts & culture, literature and communication.   

The IBC also serves as a 'home away from home' for the Israeli community in London, celebrating Israeli holidays and embracing Israeli culture, while providing a platform for professional networking. The IBC works in collaboration with the Israeli Embassy in London and enjoys fruitful relationship with the Israeli House (Bait Israeli) and other Jewish organisations. The IBC's dedication and support to its members, as well as its attentiveness to the needs of the Israeli community have contributed to the organisation's recognition and prestigious reputation within the Israeli and Jewish communities both in Israel and in the UK. 


The IBC operates on a voluntary basis and is a non-profit organisation.


Our Mission

  • Developing business relationships amongst members (networking).
  • Strengthening and developing commercial links between the UK and Israel.
  • Developing a social platform for members.
  • Tightening social affinity with the State of Israel.
  • Providing support to Israel in times of need.


The Beginning

The IBC was established in May 1997 in order to fulfill the need of the London-based Israeli community for an organisation that represents its interests and activities. The inaugural ceremony was in the presence of the Israeli Ambassador of the time, Moshe Raviv. 


The IBC was founded by Amnon Leon, who served as the club's chairman for 14 years, assisted by Malka Leon, who served as the ofice manager.

Among other founding members are: Anat Koren, Gordon Housman, Giora Giladi Liora Torn-Hibler.


IBC members met for the first time when "Dor Shalom" representatives Yuval Rabin and Tal Zilbershtein visited London to meet the Israeli community; the event had an audience of sixty attendees. Throughout the years, the IBC has had the pleasure of hosting distinguished speakers including: PM Binyamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, Prof. Amnon Rubinstien, Prof. Uzi Arad, Prof. Shlomo Avineri, the journalists Smadar Perri and Ayala Hasson, and many more.


The IBC has organised and collaborated on several activities to support the State of Israel. In 2002, the IBC organised a petition against the BBC coverage of the Israel Defence Force's operation in Gaza during Operation Defensive Shield, and collected 7,500 signatures. In 2008, the IBC played a prominent role in the organisation of a supporting rally for Israel during Operation Cast Lead; the IBC had a group of 100 members marching through central London holding Israeli flags.


In its engagement with the community, the IBC supports Israeli charities and organisations, following an approval procedure. 


The Team

Board members:



Liora Torn-Hibler, Chairperson


Chairperson of the IBC and active from the day it was founded. A Family Law solicitor dealing primarily with wills and estate management. Leora is a Trustee of the British Friends of Haifa University. In the past, she worked as a solicitor for KKL Executors and Trustees and served as Chairman of the Israeli Forum of JNF. She is a member of the Bar Council in England. She received a distinction in her Masters degree in Philosophy and holds two Bachelor's degrees: the first in Philosophy from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the second in Law from Brunel University in London. 






Moshiel Biton


PhD research student at Imperial College London, with a Masters with Distinction in Nanotechnology and Material Engineering from Ben-Gurion University.




Sharon Buenos


Manages the Israeli House in London. She worked in the PR department of the Israeli consulate in New York and the PR Manager of the Orr Movement in Israel; a movement for settling the Negev and Galilee in Israel.


Tamar TelemShafir


Veronica Lilevman